nedjelja, 1. svibnja 2011.

Tamas by Mladen

done somewhere in the middle of Mediteranian Sea onboard P&O`s Oriana...

Calendario Romano by Mladen

my vision of Vatican`s Calendario Romano with Slavisa Stavnjak

Marina by Mladen

book for Marina... :)

clothing by Carmen Line

Sladja by Mladen

Working all day with one of the bosnian best models even though long and exausting can after all be fun...
Although we did only like 10% of what we wanted to do that day... we still did a lot of amazing shots... 

M&M by Mladen

Latest in the series of photos I did for the Wedding Salon... First time after a while I worked with 2 models and I liked it :) 
Location was a bit of a surprise, a new church in my town, but I didnt want it to look as it was a church... liked the columns of the building... 
soon there will be more wedding dresses photos...

Damir by Mladen

selection of photos with one of my favorite models... Damir Fiso
he`s my ginny pig for testing new ideas :) anda a great model on top of it..


 some of my work with Mister Univers Model, Tarik Kaljanac

Milos by Mladen

 discovered by accident...

done in Doboj, Bosnia... 2011
Mladen Blagojevic Milos Maric