nedjelja, 1. svibnja 2011.

Sladja by Mladen

Working all day with one of the bosnian best models even though long and exausting can after all be fun...
Although we did only like 10% of what we wanted to do that day... we still did a lot of amazing shots... 

 clothing by Svjetlana Ceca Vukovic Couture

 and these two are by amazing Ceca Couture

 and of course Istok Bratic Couture

 and something new for me, some amazing styles by Svjetlana Prole

Also, all this couldnt be done like this without help of most amazing make up artist Lejla... she`s simply... AMAZING!!! Things she does, the way she does it... WOW...

Mladen Blagojevic , Istok Bratic , Svjetlana Prole , Svjetlana Vukovic Ceca , Lejla Busuladzic , Sladja Pejic

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